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Brand: ALPINPRO Model: CA-3178
Waterproof flashlight AlpinProNew technology and design reflector to produce smooth light & at long distancesDurable Construction.Drop stress up to 1.5mIPX4 WaterproofEasy activation and low brightness for everyday useEasy angle customizationBattery operating hours:High mode 5 hours 200Lume..
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Brand: NEBO Model: NEB-HLP-7000-G
LED head torch by Nebo for use in activities where you want to have your hands free. Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included). Its maximum brightness reaches up to 150lm and can illuminate up to 19 meters. It is water resistant as it has an IPX4 waterproof certification. Easy to use, as it has a light..
Ex Tax:15.00€
Brand: NEBO Model: NEB-HLP-0005-G
The EINSTEIN Headlamp 400 by NEBO is a low-profile, compact 400 lumen rechargeable headlamp with 5 light modes. The included rechargeable battery allows for up to 8 hours of operation in between charges...
Ex Tax:30.50€
Brand: NEBO Model: NEB-HLP-0006-G
The EINSTEIN Headlamp 500 by NEBO is a low-profile, compact 500 lumen headlamp with 5 light modes. The included AAA batteries will power the light for up to 60 whopping hours of use...
Ex Tax:34.40€
Brand: NEBO Model: NEB-HLP-0009-G
The Einstein™ 750 Headlamp by NEBO is a low-profile, powerful and compact 750 lumen headlamp with 5 light modes, and a one-size-fits-all strap.5 LIGHT MODESTurbo (750 lumens): 30 second intervals / 85 metersHigh (250 lumens): 5 hours / 62 metersMedium (80 lumens): 15 hours / 32 metersLow (5 lumens):..
Ex Tax:39.30€
Brand: NEBO Model: NEB-HLP-0011-G
The Mycro 400 Rechargeable Headlamp is a rechargeable, hands-free solution with an output of 400 lumens. The built-in tilting feature allows you to place the beam exactly where you want it. The Mycro projector features dual green and red LED chips, with direct-to-red capability for stealth projectio..
Ex Tax:25.30€
Brand: HUPA Model: ZF6246-A
Lantern with multiple functions, and ways of use.dimensions: (87 x 87 x 185) mmlamps: 3 x Samsung LED (100%/50% light) + 3 x “5630” LED red (100% light) + 3 x 5mm LEDbatteries: 3 x “D” (not included)Duration: 24hOn-Off buttonLighting distance: 80mweight: 390gr (no batteries)..
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Brand: NEBO Model: NE6555
Poppy is a combination 300 lumens C•O•B Led latern and bright Led spot light. Poppy easily changes from spot light to lantern with just a slide of its top, revealing a full 360° C•O•B Led latern.2 Latern ModesHigh (300 lumens): 7.5 hour runtime / 15 meters beamLow (35 lumens): 40 hour runtime /..
Ex Tax:26.80€
Brand: NEBO Model: NEB-FLT-0018-G
The DAVINCI 1,000 lumen rechargeable flashlight by NEBO is a powerful handheld flashlight with 4 light modes. The included mode selection dial makes it easy to switch between modes and the powerful LED in this flashlight can light up 299 meters. The included battery allows for up to 20 hours of oper..
Ex Tax:50.00€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE0015
The OMNI 2K is the ultimate, omni-directional work light that boasts a powerful 2,000 lumen, Dual C•O•B output with a red hazard feature.The OMNI features magnetic handles to provide convenient carry, magnetic attachment or a sturdy base for hands-free light. Each C•O•B panel and magnetic handle rot..
Ex Tax:53.80€
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