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Brand: FIVE STARS Model: 20-0095
A/F Classic is a hard, non-self-cleaning reef paint. Thanks to the advanced technologies it incorporates, it is an economical but reliable solution for boats that only stay in the water for a few months a year...
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Brand: LALIZAS Model: 99203
Folding Bucket with a capacity of 8 liters. The bucket folds to save space when storing...
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Brand: EVAL Model: 03233
Capacity : 9LtDimensions : H23 x Ø24,8 cm..
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Brand: QUICKSILVER Model: 01728
ΙIt provides the highest possible protection to engines up to 75HP.It provides the highest possible protection to engines up to 75HP.It provides the highest possible protection to engines up to 75HP...
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Brand: SILPAR Model: 02398
Use 400/600 grit abrasive paper with water. Sand down the area to be retouched and carefully clean the affected area. Subsequently if necessary, fill with GLYX Gel Coat Filler and re-sand again. Spray the Gel CoatSpray from a distance of 20 cm, then wait for it to dry. If necessary, spray a sec..
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Brand: EVAL Model: 02371-10
SUPER COLOR SPRAYWHAT IS IT: Extra - covering and extra shining nautical paint for board engines.HOW TO USE: Spray keeping the bottle 20/30 cm away from the object to be painted and apply the enamel horizontally and vertically with light sprays.PLEASE NOTICE: Before spraying clean thoroughly th..
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Brand: EVAL Model: 2675
DESCRIPTION : Suitable for cleaning and polishing all polyester, plastic and metal surfaces of the boat (stainless steel, steel, bronze, brass). Removes rust from all types of metal.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Appbrush RUST undiluted directly onto the surface to be cleaned and rub with a soft sponge...
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Brand: FIVE STARS Model: 20-0104
Thinner LS-703 is recommended for reef paints and their primers.The thinner is added to the primer or paint to facilitate application and drying.Adding beyond the recommended ratio and depending on the method of application (brush, roller, spray gun), can impair the effectiveness of the paint and sh..
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